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3.5 Nissan Maxima Long Block (VQ35DE)

Year or year range: 2002 – 2008

Brand (Make): Infiniti / Nissan

Model: Maxima, G35

Engine Type: 3.5 (VQ35DE) DOHC

Manual Transmission



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For sale online, we have a fully rebuilt VQ35DE 3.5 Nissan Long Block, which comes with no core charge. This high-quality engine has undergone a complete refurbishment, including the installation of new pistons, piston rings, bearings, bushings, and timing kit. Additionally, it includes new OE Variable Valve Timing Sprockets and OE New Valve Timing Solenoids for optimum performance.

To ensure its quality, we’ve bored and honed the cylinders, grinded the crankshaft, and performed a Valve Job on cylinder heads. Moreover, we’ve pressure tested and resurfaced the cylinder heads, ground the valves and valve seats, and replaced valve stem seals. Before shipping, each engine undergoes a compression test, a leak-down test, and a pressure check to ensure its effectiveness and that there are no air gaps.

Please note that this is a stock engine, not a racing engine, so, kindly avoid over-revving it. This engine is suitable for year range 2002-2008 Nissan Maxima models with 3.5 (VQ35DE) DOHC engine and manual transmission with front-wheel drive.


Year or year range: 2002 – 2008

Brand (Make): Nissan

Model: Maxima

Engine Type: 3.5 (VQ35DE) DOHC

Manual Transmission, Front Wheel Drive


Weight 300 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 24 × 24 in