Toyota 2AZ FE 2.4 | Engine Long Block

Introducing the Toyota 2AZ engine, rebuilt to perfection! This engine has been completely overhauled with new, high-quality components, ensuring that it runs as smoothly as the day it left the factory.

The pistons, and piston rings have all been replaced, ensuring that the engine has the power and efficiency to perform at its best. Additionally, new main and rod bearings have been installed, providing a stable foundation for the engine’s moving parts.

The timing set and full gasket set have also been replaced, ensuring that the engine runs quietly and without any leaks. And to ensure that the engine is well lubricated, a new oil pump has been installed.

And, for added durability and longevity, a grinded crankshaft has been installed. This ensures the engine has the proper oil pressure. We have even replaced the threads for the head bolts to be secured when we torque them.

All in all this engine has been rebuilt with precision, care and attention to detail. It’s ready to be dropped into your vehicle and provide reliable performance for years to come.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to purchase a Toyota 2AZ engine that has been rebuilt to the highest standards. With this engine under the hood, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your vehicle is powered by a durable and dependable powerplant.

Order now and experience the difference that a rebuilt engine can make! No core required.


$3,800.00 $4,200.00

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This Toyota 2AZ FE Long Block engine includes the following new parts and machine work
Main bearings
Rod bearings
Thrust Washers
Valve Stem Seals
Timing set
Oil pump
Freeze plugs
Valve job
Bore and hone
Crankshaft grinding
Most importantly, we have rethreaded the head bolt holes. As you may know, the head bolt threads tend to become loose and dislodge when the engine is taken apart, especially when overheated. (See Technical Bulletin 2841)
When you purchase this engine from us, we do not ask for a core in return. We also include the Oil Pan.


Weight 300 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 23 × 19 in