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GM Chevy 6.2 Cylinder Heads – Casting# 549 (No core charge)

Repair your Chevy 6.2 engine with our expertly reconditioned cylinder heads! Experience quality work with comprehensive cleaning, high-quality components, precision valve jobs, and a PCD-milled finish. All parts meet AERA specifications, ensuring longevity and optimal function. Boost your engine’s performance today!


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**No core charge**

Repair Your Chevy 6.2 Engine with Our Expertly Reconditioned Cylinder Heads! 🏁

🌟 Experience enhanced performance and reliability with our professionally reconditioned cylinder heads for your Chevy 6.2 engine. Our meticulous process ensures you get the best possible product:

🔧 Comprehensive Disassembly & Cleaning: Our cylinder heads undergo a thorough hot tank cleaning and pressure testing to verify casting integrity.

🚀 High-Quality Components: We install new valve stem seals on all heads and replace valve guides with new ones as needed, ensuring longevity and optimal function.

🎯 Precision Valve Job: Our experts perform valve jobs with all required angles, and vacuum test seals for perfect compression and airtight performance.

💎 PCD Milled for a Flawless Finish: Our cylinder heads are PCD milled (Polycrystalline Diamond) to guarantee a super smooth finish, perfect for aluminum heads.

📏 AERA Compliant: Rest assured that all parts are cleaned, inspected, and assembled to meet AERA (Engine Builders Association) specifications.

🔍 Ensure a Perfect Fit: Before purchasing, please verify the physical match of our cylinder heads with your engine. We have provided multiple images to assist you.

Repair your Chevy 6.2 engine with confidence and enjoy the results! 🏎️💨


Weight 60 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 10 × 8 in

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